Dear Bruegalites,

Tis I, Baron Von Bruegala,

We are but a few weeks away from the majestic event that is Bruegala, my namesake.
For the planning board, we begin laying the framework for the coming year’s event around October and then promptly don’t stop acting/pondering/talking about it for the next 10 months making sure that patrons can attend the best Beer and Wine Festival possible. That being said, when we get to August, the pressure starts to mount, the marketing team starts drinking more, losing hair, and staying up long hours through the night debating on how to get the word out in the most appropriate fashion.

We are in the week leading up to Bruegala, and I can assure you, this is going to be a year to remember, and we need to get the word out to everyone that will listen! Here are some way that you can help.

  • Call upon your supporters, friends, and co-workers to like, friend, or follow Bruegala on social media (links below).
    Like, share, and retweet the posts off of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Go to our webpage at and download the Bruegala Facebook and twitter profile pictures… feel free to put them onto your page (or even put them as YOUR profile picture) to show that you support the Baron!
  • If you’re feeling saucy, put up your best mustache photo or goto a site like and add a ‘stache to your profile picture..
  • If you would like to put a nice 11×17 poster up to show your support in some sort of public area (that you have permission to hang posters), email [email protected]

Overall, let me just say now, thank you for your continued support! Without the good folks in the community, we couldn’t make Bruegala the success that it is, and will continue to be… so help spread the good word of Bruegala and see you on the 28th and 29th!

With Love,
Baron von Bruegala




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