Beer School 2020-08-18T19:03:52-05:00

The Baron’s Beer School will be post-poned for 2016.


Here’s what we did in 2015 —

Do you know everything about beer, but want to learn more?   Do you know nothing about beer, but love a good IPA?

Back by popular demand, Bruegala is bring back our Beer School!  This year’s focus will be on HOPS!


This 2 hour class will be on Saturday the 29th and will focus on how hops (a magnificent flower ) can impact and alter the taste of a beer.  Pupils in the class will receive a behind the scenes look at how Bruegala operates (as attendees will arrive 2 hours ahead  of Bruegala’s start time, while we are still setting up), will receive a unique glass for tasting, samples of 4 IPAs that are based off of the same base malt and one special release IPA (5 samples total) and instruction/discussion on the different varieties of hops and the hops industry!   This is an event anyone can appreciate from novices to seasoned beer drinkers.

Your ticket into beer school will also provide you entry into the Saturday of Bruegala.  Cost of Beer school is $35 and includes entry into Bruegala. Tickets can be purchased at The Hop Shoppe or Twin City Home Brew.