Baron Von Bruegala 2021-09-18T10:20:55-05:00

A now a few words from our beloved mascot and world traveler, the Baron Von Bruegala:


My Bruegalites!


As I sit at my mahogany desk, enjoying a pint of dark creamy stout, I find myself pondering many things– about life, about beer, about if gnomes really are as humble as they like to tell us, and about my childhood in Belize.  When I was a younger, the transition from summer to fall was always a magical time. Of course, the changing of the seasons brought in the season’s crops and a turning of the leaves, but it was also around the time of my birthday!  There were parties that lasted days with new and exciting food to explore, curious drinks to dance upon your taste buds, and music everywhere to delight your ears.  In my mind all the festivities were for me; of course; as I got older, I realized it was simply the beginning of the best time of year – OKTOBERFEST!


The Bloomington-Normal Jaycees are proudly bringing back this tradition – no, not celebrating my birthday, though I will be will enjoying myself thoroughly – of Oktoberfest!  It will be include joyous festivities to celebrate charity and bring some good into the community in Oktoberfest style over 5 days of events!  The Jaycees have teamed up with The City of Bloomington and our four decadent breweries to bring you 5 days of food, fun, music… and of course, beer. This will be a citywide event as each of the breweries will be bringing you a unique Oktoberfest themed event with guest taps from the other local breweries, the downtown businesses will be offering themed drink and food specials, and everything will culminate to a Oktoberfest party for First-Friday in downtown Bloomington.  You will be able to purchase T-shirts, and glasses before the festivities!!


There you have it my ever loyal friends!  Come out and join me for my birthday, to drink for charity, and to enjoy Oktoberfest in style!  Stay tuned to and for more information and to join in on the fun.  Also, please be wary of the gnomes; they’re a cheeky sort.